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Beginning in January 2022 California’s Proposition 12 will impose new, mandatory square footage requirements for breeding sows. Prop. 12 also imposes a certification requirement on every farm that supplies pork to buyers and consumers in California.

EarthClaims is pleased to announce a verification program for Prop. 12 that is available now and is designed to ensure that your efforts today will meet California’s final requirements tomorrow. EarthClaims can economically provide the necessary guidance to you and assurance to California buyers of your pork.

Please call EarthClaims for additional information about Prop. 12 and the nation's first certification program for Prop. 12 compliance.

EarthClaims is the largest provider of third-party certification services in the United States and verifies the well-being of more farm animals than any other certification company. In 2019 the world’s leading farm animal welfare standards body, the Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.), selected EarthClaims to be its exclusive certifying agent in North America. Whole Foods Market sells only G.A.P. certified products in its meat case.

EarthClaims’ present G.A.P. certification offerings exceed the requirements of Prop. 12 and each pork production operation it certified in 2020 is eligible for immediate Prop.12 verification.

Register for the latest updates on Prop 12 and for information sessions offered by EarthClaims

Contact EarthClaims today for your California Prop 12 consultation.

202-596-5592 ext. 6

"The Gray Areas of Proposition 12".  EarthClaims Director of Certification Services, Rachel Burke, speaks with Dr. Hyatt Frobose about Prop 12 from the perspective of a certifier with expertise in Prop 12 and similar welfare compliance programs. A live panel discussion with Ms. Burke, Dr. Frobose and other industry experts takes place after the main discussion. 

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